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Our Purpose:   

We ease childrens’ pain.

Our Story:

When she was just four years old, Priyanka Bhakta and her frightened parents and brother learned that she had cancer. Fortunately, they were living in the United States where they received excellent care.  This included care called Child Life services, to deal with the fear, anxiety, and dread that they naturally felt. Because of this care, Priyanka responded eagerly and well to her trips to the doctor and was able to live for several years without the pain, fear, and anxiety that children and parents experience in countries without Child Life Services.

How we achieve our purpose:

We bring awareness, provide funding, training, and support for Child Life Services providers outside the United States--care that the American Council of Pediatricians has called “essential to optimum care for a young patients.” with chronic and terminal illnesses. Our flagship program currently operates at The Manipal Hospital in Bangalore, India, where so far we have served over 2500 patients and their families. We and medical professionals throughout the world want to offer these services to more children living with chronic and terminal diagnoses.

India Board Members:

Mr. Pramoud Rao

Chairman/ Managing Trustee

Zicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd

Sunil Mahale

Project Coordinator

Telephone: 9987191919

Anita Shenoy


Sonia Shenoy

Advisory Board

CNBC, India


India Contact Information:

404 OM Shanti

16th Road Ext Santacruz west

Mumbai 400 054 ( India )

Telephone: 91 22 26488475