Dr. Kumar Belani, MD
Chairman - Founding Member

University of Minnesota
Professor of Environmental Health Sciences
Professor of Medicine and Public Health 


Leela Rao
Global Executive Director

Alternative Investment Consultant - Trautman International

Leela Rao is Founder of the Priyanka Foundation. Since it’s initiation in Oct 2007, the Priyanka foundation a global organization, has worked with hundreds of Terminally and Chronically ill children in India. As its founder and  volunteer, Leela has worked at increasing the awareness of Child life concept in India, along with expanding and strengthening its global programming, fundraising and working with strategic global partners, raising awareness for this global need by being a spokesperson in several forums including addressing a chapter meeting for the US Department of Foreign Affairs on “Trends in Global Medicine”.   Leela also served on the committee of the Cancer Kids fund of Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis and Institutional Review Board and the University of Minnesota Fairview Hospital.

As an Alternative Investments Consultant, Leela Rao has worked over 12 years in the Financial Services Industry. Worked with OMNI Brokerage and 1031 & TIC Investments, LLC team in Commercial Real Estate Tenant in Common (TIC) Investments, REITS (public and Private), Oil and Gas Investments, Debentures, and Real Estate Funds. Leela was a guest speaker on the Stock Doctor Radio show, MN CREW and IMN conferences. Prior to joining 1031 & TIC Investments, LLC, Ms. Rao served as Chief Executive Officer of an international Import firm and also served as the Sales and Operations Manager for a west coast branch of Washington Mutual Bank, California. Ms. Rao received a Bachelor and Master of Arts degree from the University Of Bombay, India specializing in Philosophy, Bio-Socio Ethics, Symbolic Logic. Ms. Rao has also completed Real Estate Management Leadership program at Harvard Business School and a Mini - MBA at St. Thomas University in Minneapolis.

James Seidl  - Senior Business Advisor
Legal Research Center

Mr. Seidl received his law degree from William Mitchell College of Law and his undergraduate degree from Bethel College. <?xml:namespace prefix = o />

Mr. Seidl co-founded Minneapolis-based Legal Research Center, Inc.  His primary responsibilities are in the areas of business, product and service development.  He is also responsible for new business planning and corporate strategic partnering. 

Mr. Seidl has authored numerous legal articles, publications and business studies.  Additionally he frequently produces educational programs and speaks before major trade associations and conferences on issues in the legal industry. 

Mr. Seidl serves as business development and strategic advisor to Click Industries, Ltd., Miller/Davis Company and VersusLaw, Inc.  He is a Minnesota State Chair for the Council on Litigation Management.  Additionally, Mr. Seidl serves on the board of the Open Legal Standards Initiative, the advisory board and executive leadership committee of the Law Department Purchasing Consortium and is co-founder of Friends of Flicka


Sheila Palm, MA, CCLS
Senior Child Life Advisor - Founding Member

Sheila has a BS degree in Child Development and Family Relationships from Colorado State University in Colorado and an MA in Human Development form St. Mary’s University in Minneapolis. 

After completing her child life internship at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center she became the child life director at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.  Sheila currently leads the child life program of a multi-campus pediatric organizations including two pediatric hospitals, a surgical center and a community based hospital. 

Sheila is a member of the Child Life Council and the Association for the Care of Children’s Health and also volunteers with the American Cancer Society.  She also does program consultation for child life and patient and family centered care programming in various hospitals. 

Padma Chintapalli
Chief Financial Officer  - Founding Member

Padma completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Allahabad, India and a Master of Finance Administration from Andhra University, India. 

Padma is a partner at 1031 & TIC Investments, LLC.  She is responsible for sales, business development, compliance and operations.  She has over twelve years of experience in the securities industry having worked for a national full service brokerage firm. 

Padma is a founding member and treasurer of the Priyanka Foundation.  She also volunteers at a battered women’s shelter and several other community organizations.


Beth Coleman - Executive Director

Beth is a graduate of the College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY where she received a BA in Political Science.  Upon graduating she began her career at the New York State Legislature where she worked for members of the Assembly and Senate for 12 years. 

Upon leaving the Legislature she began working as a nonprofit executive.  She ran three Chambers of Commerce and a statewide association in Minnesota where she now lives. 

During her tenure at these organizations Beth served on numerous statewide and national organization committees and local boards of community organizations. 

Using all of these experiences she is now focusing on areas of interest including children and health issues.  




Priti Desai CCLS, PHD
Co- Director/ Child Life advisory
Department of Child Development and Family Relations,
(CDFR) East Carolina University, Greenville, NC.

 Jeanine Clapsaddle, M.A., LAMFT, CCLS
Officer for Global Child Life Planning

 Jeanine graduated from Stephens College with a BA in Human Development and an MA in Counseling Psychology from the University of St. Thomas. 

Jeanine has given numerous lectures throughout the United States on health issues related to Pediatrics and relationships. She has also worked on numerous teams to develop and implement programs for children and their families. 

Jeanine is currently a Child Life Specialist at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics and also serves as an Internship Educator for Child Life Interns.

Holly Clark,M.S., CCLS, CTRS

Officer for Global Child Life Planning


 Nihal Bhakta
Junior Director for PR/Social Media

Pramoud Rao
Chairman/ India Program
Founder and CEO
Zicom Securities Ltd

Anita Shenoy
Director of Operations/ India Program

 Sanjyokta Malgonda
Child Life operations/ Bangalore, India Program


Advisory Board:

Dr. Kiran Belani
Founding Member

Pediatric Infectious Disease
Childrens Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

Dr. Susan F. Sencer, M.D.
Founding Member
Medical Director, Hematology/Oncology
Children\'s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

Victoria Neis, CCLS
Founding Member
Child Life Hematology/Oncology Program
Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

Raghavan Iyer
Chef, Cookbook Author &
Certified Culinary Professional

Meera Rao
Cargill HR

Mary Pawlenty
Honorary Founding Member